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Русское боевое искусство в США.

Russian martial art in the USA

by Maryland Systema
We talked with Jim Eglin, a teacher of Russian martial art in the USA, we learned what it is and who is studying this ancient craft. Be sure to visit the Russian Heritage YouTube channel for more information on Russian culture. Watch On YouTube

What Makes Systema Different From Other Martial Arts?

by Maryland Systema
George Borrelli from Systema Colorado Springs wrote this attempting to answer the question: Q: “How is Systema different from other martial arts?” Please note: I LOVE AND RESPECT all other martial arts and still train in other arts. I am not trying to put Systema ahead of others and I am NOT PUTTING others down. Great respect for all of you that train. I am training in other arts too. I am simply attempting to tease out differences and nuances to answer the question. A: In so very many ways, Russian Systema is very unique. In fact, most when watching […]