Maryland Systema Announces Partnership with Local Law Enforcement to Enhance Officers’ Physical Fitness and Situational Awareness

[Takoma Park, Maryland, 03/25/2023] – Maryland Systema, a leading martial arts school specializing in the development of self-defense skills and a strong Systema foundation, is excited to announce a new partnership with local law enforcement agencies. This collaboration aims to improve officers’ physical fitness and situational awareness, ultimately enhancing their ability to serve and protect communities.

The partnership will see Maryland Systema’s experienced instructors working closely with law enforcement personnel to provide training sessions tailored to their unique needs. This specialized curriculum will focus on improving officers’ physical fitness, stress management, and the development of critical self-defense skills to help them perform their duties with confidence and efficiency.

“We are thrilled to partner with local law enforcement agencies to provide our Systema training expertise,” said Jim Eglin, founder of Maryland Systema. “We believe that the skills and techniques taught in our school can greatly benefit police officers, both on and off duty. Our goal is to help them perform at their best, ensuring the safety and well-being of our communities.”

Systema, a Russian martial art, emphasizes fluidity, adaptability, and the development of natural body movements. Through this partnership, law enforcement officers will receive training designed to enhance their situational awareness, decision-making, and conflict resolution abilities. The program also prioritizes physical conditioning and stress management to help officers remain calm and focused in high-pressure situations.


Maryland Systema’s partnership with local law enforcement agencies reflects its commitment to fostering strong community relationships and promoting safety and well-being for all citizens. By combining martial arts expertise with law enforcement training, this collaboration will lead to more effective and confident officers, ultimately benefiting the communities they serve.

For more information about Maryland Systema, its partnership with local law enforcement, or to schedule an interview with Jim Eglin, please contact Jim Eglin at (301) 326-9146 or email

About Maryland Systema:

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