Maryland Systema Hosts Annual Self-Defense Symposium

Maryland Systema Hosts Annual Self-Defense Symposium: Industry Experts, Instructors, and Enthusiasts Gather to Discuss the Latest Trends, Research, and Innovations in the World of Self-Defense

Takoma Park, MD – March 25, 2023 – Maryland Systema, a transformative martial arts school dedicated to personal growth, resilience, and self-defense skills through the powerful practice of Systema, is thrilled to announce its Annual Self-Defense Symposium. The event will take place on September 23-24, 2023, at the Maryland Systema Headquarters in Takoma Park, MD.

The Annual Self-Defense Symposium aims to unite industry experts, instructors, and self-defense enthusiasts from around the globe to discuss the latest trends, research, and innovations in the world of self-defense. This year’s event features an impressive lineup of speakers and presenters who will share their expertise in various areas, including physical self-defense techniques, mental resilience strategies, and personal safety technologies.

Maryland Systema’s commitment to fostering personal growth and building resilience is reflected in the symposium’s diverse program, designed to cater to participants of all skill levels. Attendees can expect engaging workshops, interactive demonstrations, and opportunities for hands-on practice, ensuring that everyone leaves with new insights, techniques, and ideas to enhance their self-defense capabilities.

The Annual Self-Defense Symposium is an excellent opportunity for self-defense practitioners and enthusiasts to network with like-minded individuals, share experiences, and learn from one another. Maryland Systema is honored to host this event and looks forward to contributing to the ongoing development and advancement of the self-defense industry.

Tickets for the Annual Self-Defense Symposium are now available for purchase on the Maryland Systema website. Early bird registration is open until July 21, 2023, with discounted rates available for groups and students. To learn more about the event, view the full list of speakers, or register, visit

About Maryland Systema

Maryland Systema is a transformative martial arts school based in Takoma Park, MD, specializing in the practice of Systema, a Russian martial art that emphasizes personal growth, resilience, and self-defense skills.

Founded by a group of passionate instructors, Maryland Systema offers classes, workshops, and private lessons for individuals of all ages and experience levels. The school is dedicated to creating a supportive and inclusive community where students can develop the skills, confidence, and mental fortitude necessary to protect themselves and their loved ones in any situation. For more information about Maryland Systema, visit

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We empower individuals to explore their innate resilience and adaptability through Systema, a holistic Russian martial art. We cultivate an inclusive community fostering personal growth, self-awareness, and deeper connections. With humility, integrity, and respect, we nurture mind, body, and spirit for a balanced, healthier life.

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