Maryland Systema Combats Bullying: Organization Introduces Anti-Bullying Initiative for Children and Teens

Teaching Effective Strategies for Dealing with Aggression and Promoting Empathy

MARYLAND, USA – March 25, 2023 – Maryland Systema, an elite martial arts school, is proud to announce the launch of its innovative anti-bullying initiative designed to empower children and teens with effective strategies for dealing with aggression, while fostering empathy and understanding. This groundbreaking program aims to create a positive impact on young people, providing them with the tools to navigate their social environments with confidence and compassion.

Maryland Systema is renowned for its immersive Systema instruction, which focuses on enhancing self-defense skills and overall well-being for its students. Systema is a Russian martial art that emphasizes fluidity, adaptability, and natural movement. The studio’s instructors are dedicated to fostering an inclusive and supportive environment for all participants.

The anti-bullying initiative, which is an extension of Maryland Systema’s core values, will provide children and teens with practical techniques to effectively manage and respond to bullying and aggressive behavior. The program will emphasize the importance of emotional intelligence, empathy, and communication skills in defusing tense situations and promoting a more harmonious social environment.

“We believe that teaching our young students how to effectively deal with bullying is crucial for their personal development and well-being,” said Jim Eglin, Founder and Chief Instructor at Maryland Systema. “Our anti-bullying initiative not only focuses on physical self-defense but also on cultivating emotional resilience and empathy. We aim to create a generation of young individuals who are better equipped to handle adversity and foster positive relationships.”

The program will include age-appropriate workshops, seminars, and interactive activities to educate and engage children and teens in learning essential life skills. Parents and educators are encouraged to participate in the initiative as well, fostering a collaborative approach to combating bullying.

For more information about Maryland Systema’s anti-bullying initiative or to enroll in one of their martial arts programs, please visit their website at or contact the school at (301) 326-9146 or

About Maryland Systema:

Maryland Systema is an elite martial arts studio with locations in Maryland. They specialize in providing immersive Systema instruction for students seeking to enhance their self-defense skills and overall well-being. The studio is committed to creating an inclusive, supportive environment that fosters personal growth and empowerment for all participants.

Press Contact:

Jim Eglin

Founder and Chief Instructor

Maryland Systema

Phone: (301) 326-9146 



We empower individuals to explore their innate resilience and adaptability through Systema, a holistic Russian martial art. We cultivate an inclusive community fostering personal growth, self-awareness, and deeper connections. With humility, integrity, and respect, we nurture mind, body, and spirit for a balanced, healthier life.

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